There was a really interesting article in the Guardian yesterday

which discussed the use and misuse of “green” advertising in products.  this article would be of particular interest to dissertation subjects discussing the sustainability factor in products, and also the use of advertising and society being duped.  The ASA have clamped down on several adverts for misleading information about the greenness of their merchandise. 

“The green claims coming from corporations can be absurdly general. Nearly everything we buy these days seems to be “sustainably sourced” or “environmentally friendly”. Sometimes, though, they are crazily specific. Virgin Trains declares: “Our Pendolino trains emit 76% less CO2 than cars or domestic flights.” But which cars, which flights, and how full are the trains?

Or plain bonkers. One brand of bottled water says its product contains “300% more oxygen”

Fred Pearce, Guardian 23 Oct 2008.

Visit the Guardian’s Greenwash column – online, and view some of the films from MTV who have launched a campaign to tackle climate change – by creating an advert which attacks the Greenwash business, who are seen to deliberately mislead consumers about their products eco credentials.


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