Is BT the new Nescafe?

We have all become fairly accustomed as consumers to the way advertising engages us with certain products and brands, most have narratives and build relationships through the company’s developments others are more about a story progressing over time.  Some of you might recall the happy moments shared with Leonard Rossiter in the Chinzano ads, or Anthony Head’s encounters over nescafe, and now there is the BT dilemma – what will happen next – we are on the edge of our seats!
Or not,  after all it is just a telephone company.  The guardian made some interesting points in their TV and radio blog…

Where previous campaigns might have relied on broad humour or the intimation of sex to make themselves compelling, the BT approach is to tackle real, complicated human situations like work-life balance, the role of a step parent and, perhaps most importantly, whether you really would pay to watch Bee Movie any day.

It is an odd communication between a human experience and the capabilities of broadband packages to fix the issues it throws up.  It does raise some interesting points about the abilities we have to communicate face to face or more coherently through the shared troubles of losing files on your computer.   I know how people get so upset when things don’t work technically but there is always and answer (according to BT that is), watch out for the next episode in this moving tale.

I.T isn’t all about the tragedy.


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