miquel barceló message to the world

06Miquel Barceló’s sculptured ceiling has raised controversy over it’s financing, but it’s a marvel to behold, a marvel in it’s creation, and the message is clearly fitting.

The ceiling of the Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Chamber at the UN’s Palace of Nations in Geneva had to be reconstructed to hold the weight of the sculpture. Because of a directional painting technique that Barceló has developed, the colours you see depends on where you stand on the ground, and changes as you move around the space, highlighting the idea that “altering one’s perspective can affect your viewpoint”. And of course, the multi-colours symbolise the milti-cultural nature of the UN.


One Response to miquel barceló message to the world

  1. Seen various photographs of the ceiling, not exactly sure what I think of it.
    Sure its a feat .prefer his side chapel he did for the Cathedral in Palma,Mallorca.

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