It Felt Like a Kiss (Adam Curtis)

I’m a big fan of the documentary film maker Adam Curtis who made films like ‘the Trap’ and seems to work from a room deep in the heart of the BBC where they are obviously too nervous of him to interfere and make him make the usual prosaic rubbish that seems to dribble out of our TVs at the moment. His most recent work, ‘It Felt Like a Kiss’, a disturbing comment on the USA, was part of a larger installation/performance piece and moves even further away from the traditional TV documentary – read about it here.

You can watch the whole film of It Felt Like a Kiss – here

It’s incredible



2 Responses to It Felt Like a Kiss (Adam Curtis)

  1. mike.e says:

    I too saw most of his older stuff and liked it.

    I found IFLAKs presentation mind blowing. The use of subtitles rather than vocal narration I found rather unnerving and challenging. The extremely fast pace pounds one idea after another into your mind,and links things together.

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