Photo opportunities – competition

Shoot Nations 2010
21 May – 28 July

“Shoot Nations is an annual, global photography project including a competition, workshops and exhibitions on various continents. Each year focusses on a different global issue and the photographs produced are presented to the United Nations in New York. The theme for this year’s competition is CITY LIVING.

It doesn’t matter what sort of camera you have; phone camera, high-end digital, point-and-shoot – it’s your view of what city life is like that we are after. This year we want young people the world over to address the challenges of an increasingly urban world. Whether living in the country, town or big city, we want to build a global picture of what urban environments mean to young people. Are the streets paved with gold? Or are they fraught with risk and difficulty? And how do the challenges of growing up in the city differ as a boy or a girl? The competition will also focus on the movement and impact on the people and places left behind.


The photos will provide a vivid illustration of young people’s differing viewpoints on the subject from all over the world.

THE BRIEFS: Submit three photographs (or drawings), one to capture each of the following ideas:

1.    What does ‘city’ mean to you?
2.    Growing up in the city as a boy or a girl
3.    Country to city, city to country – people on the move

The competition is open from Friday 21 May — Wednesday 28 July 2010″

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