R Steview Moore film by Arnaud Maguet & Hifiklub

An astounding body of work follows R Stevie Moore’s prolific life long output. During the first 30 years of his life, through a cassette home recording method, he would create hand made artwork, and deal with all the orders from fans himself. As CDs became huge, his business was booming. Now in his 60s following a life of keeping this up, he is now sitting on a mound of unreleased material, most of which, when his fans order, he can’t even find!

He’s had a bit of a boozey / smokey life, rock n roll lifestyle; and after ploughing the small amount of money he ever earned constantly back into his music, he’s also ended up single and a bit lonely (ish…).

This documentary makes a warm portrait of him, but also an extremely intimate one… he has been hugely influential on many artists, most of which he probably never was credited for…



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