The Future of T-Shirts. Todays “Album Covers” for Designers.

With music being prodominently exchanged and purchased digitally, the album covers have lost the level of exposure they had prior to the boom of online sales. With this designers, artists and photographers thirst for the want of getting involved with a musician for the album cover has lessened over the years. In turn designers now are using an easier, more accessible and more independent canvas, T-Shirts. They are now so vastly popular as a method of exposure for people in the creative industry that companies are now set up to allow for designers to do this at a manageable price, so if you’ve thought about it, you’ve got the work and confidence. Then perhaps consider it, the exposure is great for the artist that features their work, and now you can achieve it at a fair cost.


About mattdewdney
Coffee loving, typography addicted graphic designer.

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