The Cyborg who Hears Colour

Neil Harbisson is a cyborg… and an artist whose work blurs the boundary between sight and sound. He has had a sensor implanted into his brain which allows him to hear colour.

Harbisson's visualisation of Amy Winehouse's Rehab
An image of one of Harbisson’s paintings: a visualisation of ‘Rehab’ by Amy Winehouse

Neil Harbisson
A photograph of Harbisson wearing his implant. Harbisson considers his ‘eyeborg’ to be a part of his body, making him a new kind of human being.

In Harbisson’s paintings, red is ‘serene’, whilst violet is ‘savage’. They are difficult to understand in this respect; his visual representations of speeches by Hitler and Martin Luther King are particularly disorientating.


This idea of visual sound and audio colour is an interesting one and adds a new sensory dimension to art connected to technology.
Apps for your brain, anyone?

Harbisson’s Website:

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