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Vestige are sculptures by Rob Mulholland consisting of a series of six life sized mirrored figures installed at the David Marshall Visitors Centre in Aberfoyle, Scotland.

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Chuck, Up Close and personal


Remarkable story of a remarkable painter

Chuck Close Wikipedia Link

Novel Ideas

valérie buess is a swiss artist who lives in germany. for the last twenty years she has worked primarily with paper
creating intricate sculptures that often resemble urchins, coral and other underwater life. Re-Blogged from Design Boom

Comic Sands

Blackpool seafront is a joke

Someone’s Junk is Someone else’s…

I once asked an artist where they sourced all of the found objects they used in their art work  – “The word is Ephemera!” she replied, no wonder Art gets a bad name. Semantics aside, we expect all staff and students to participate in our 2nd Annual Art Exhibition – large format printing voucher for the winner.

Animation Dispenser

Still from 'The Deep' by PES

Another one of those irritating/inspiring finds that are so good you wished you’d thought of that and WHY am I not making films like these – sometimes I just want to kill the internet for highlighting my underachievment (sigh).  Check them all out, especially ‘Wetsern Spagetti’, on