Half Cut Tea

Short viedo about a couple who built their own log cabin, made almost entirely of old windows. Design, light, space… making ideas and dreams a reality. Visually pleasing video.


Teaching to See: Inge Druckrey

A beautiful and inspirational documentation of visual values. This film is about about learning to look and visualize in order to design and the importance of drawing. It is one designer’s personal experience of issues that face all designers, expressed with sympathy and encouragement, and illustrated with examples of Inge Druckrey’s own work.
Simple phrases give insights into complex matters, such as, letterforms are ‘memories of motion.’


Everyone is influenced by something, whether it’s something in nature, something in the news, or for some a person in particular… This short video from looks at a few people in history and present day who are major influencers in modern culture. One of the main outcomes covers how fashion, music and the creative industry in general are all influenced by the same characters and people, in one way or another.

Helvetica, 2007 Film

In 2007 this cracking film came out, created for Graphic Designers, Typographers and other Creatives alike. This film explores the birth and use of a font called Helvetica, this may sound boring, but once you start watching it and the interviews start rolling in, you grasp how fundamental this font has been in the world of design.

The film explores the personality of fonts and it’s effect on design.

Even if you’re a creative but type isn’t your thing this is a great little film. It’s well filmed and the discussions and comments from world renowned designers are first class.

You haven’t even got to rent it, below is the entire film.


The September Issue, Vogue film 2009

The September Issue is a 2009 American documentary film about the behind-the-scenes drama that follows editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and her staff during the production of the September 2007 issue of American Vogue magazine. Although the movie is about fashion it actually covers more of the production process of the magazine then it does the fashion going into it.

This movie is suitable for anyone ho wants to get involved in the creative industry, it is well filmed and and well considered. The sections of the film covering the layout and building of the magazine would appeal to all designers or creatives. Have a look at the trailer to get a better idea.

katsuya kamo exhibits 100 couture headpieces


katsuya kamo exhibits 100 couture headpiecesImage

Someone’s Junk is Someone else’s…

I once asked an artist where they sourced all of the found objects they used in their art work  – “The word is Ephemera!” she replied, no wonder Art gets a bad name. Semantics aside, we expect all staff and students to participate in our 2nd Annual Art Exhibition – large format printing voucher for the winner.