Half Cut Tea

Short viedo about a couple who built their own log cabin, made almost entirely of old windows. Design, light, space… making ideas and dreams a reality. Visually pleasing video.


Junk as street art


“Essentially I create sentinels from junk and install them in strategic positions around the place to help remind passers by that if they continue to create so much waste in their lives one day it may come back to haunt them.” – Junkie, street artist.

Interesting and eccentric street artist, uses rubbish as their medium… kind of cute, kind of creepy.
more pics at: http://junkyprojects.weebly.com/

EepyBird’s Sticky Note Experiment

In keeping with the competition being held in the FLA currently, here is a small video showing the endless possibilities that are provided with the humble post-it note. Enjoy.


Novel Ideas

valérie buess is a swiss artist who lives in germany. for the last twenty years she has worked primarily with paper
creating intricate sculptures that often resemble urchins, coral and other underwater life. Re-Blogged from Design Boom

Comic Sands

Blackpool seafront is a joke


Original template from ‘Skull-A-Day’

Modified by Rudi Designs

Someone’s Junk is Someone else’s…

I once asked an artist where they sourced all of the found objects they used in their art work  – “The word is Ephemera!” she replied, no wonder Art gets a bad name. Semantics aside, we expect all staff and students to participate in our 2nd Annual Art Exhibition – large format printing voucher for the winner.