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William Forsythe’s choreographic object populates the old municipal market space with hundreds of delicate pendulums, swinging in timed sequences. As you move around without touching the pendulums, your strides and side-steps will produce a lively choreography of manifold and intricate avoidance strategies.

Forsythe’s blend of choreography and artwork, in which you become the dancer, contrasts reactive spontaneity and pre-programmed precision. This is the latest reinvention of a piece that evolves in reaction to the space it occupies: a tribute to a great Brighton landmark destined to become a new Dance Space for the city.

William Forsythe is hailed as one of the world’s most innovative choreographers, credited with moving the focus of dance from the classical tradition to a dynamic, 21st century artform. In recent years he has been exploring the notion of movement in its widest context, with a series of acclaimed installations, artworks and films.


Junk as street art


“Essentially I create sentinels from junk and install them in strategic positions around the place to help remind passers by that if they continue to create so much waste in their lives one day it may come back to haunt them.” – Junkie, street artist.

Interesting and eccentric street artist, uses rubbish as their medium… kind of cute, kind of creepy.
more pics at:

Comic Sands

Blackpool seafront is a joke

Someone’s Junk is Someone else’s…

I once asked an artist where they sourced all of the found objects they used in their art work  – “The word is Ephemera!” she replied, no wonder Art gets a bad name. Semantics aside, we expect all staff and students to participate in our 2nd Annual Art Exhibition – large format printing voucher for the winner.

Littlehampton Beach Bench = Longest in Britain

At 324 metres, the longest bench in Britain was designed by Milimetre – a company based in Brighton.  It was installed in July by StudioWeave along Littlehampton Seafront. The bench seats over 300 people, sinuously travelling along the promenade, meandering around lampposts, bending behind bins, and ducking down into the ground.

Spin off

A ‘Pixel Art’ image from Design Crisis spin off Blog ‘Badassical‘ check them out for more visual noodling

Low-Fi Street Lenticulars

I had to do a double take when I first saw this image. Check out the link for more images.