Littlehampton Beach Bench = Longest in Britain

At 324 metres, the longest bench in Britain was designed by Milimetre – a company based in Brighton.  It was installed in July by StudioWeave along Littlehampton Seafront. The bench seats over 300 people, sinuously travelling along the promenade, meandering around lampposts, bending behind bins, and ducking down into the ground.


Get your head around this!

The wonderful curves and gleaming surfaces of a Ghery building surface again, this time it’s the Cleavland Lou Ruvo Centre for brain health.

Groovy Googie Style

Ultra modernism has a new (well, new to me) name ‘Googie’ – no Google I don’t mean Google! 50’s and 60’s Americana has travelled from gaudy eysore to vindicated architectural form – check out the website

Funky Car Wash

Peter Crawley: Stiched Illustrations

Peter’s series of illustrations that replace the pencil with cotton thread include abstract line studies and iconic buildings.

Soft City To Go


Chinese artist Yin Xiuzhen re uses old clothing and textiles to create intricate works that examine political, social, historical, environmental, and human constructs. 

Three new suitcase cities are presented in a new exhibition at the Anna Schwartz Gallery in Sydney.

the eco-friendly UFO home

On display at sustainable design show West Coast Green, Patrick Marsilli’s dome homes can rotate by solar power to catch the best of the sun.

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