Urban Camo Textile Designs


Chae Young Kim uses a mixture of hand drawn images and computer graphics to create her sublte textile designs. Check them out on designboom.com.


Like photoshop but not

phoenixAviary is a web based image editing application that works in a similar way to Photoshop, with powerful tools and layers. And the basic (but powerful) version is free. You can pay for the hotrod version if you want.

It appears to be broken down into 4 sub-programmes, so you produce a colour palette in one, move that into number two and play around with filters, then into number three to edit your image. There’s also a vector graphics section.  If you know your way around Photoshop then you shouldn’t have too much trouble picking it up, but check out the tutorials for a heads-up.

wanna programme to make plaid for you? you got it …

fhdfhadh… and here’s my humble effort. I call it blackberry bramble.

I made it with PlaidMaker 0.2. Just add the numbers and hit submit. Tick the mirror boxes to get plaid.

TartanMaker.com produces slightly more sophisticated tartans. Once you’ve registered with the site all you have to do is adjust the sliders and colours and hit Make it.