How Ink is Made

An interesting short clip that features “The Printing Ink Company” who manufacture printing ink in Canada. The company is of little importance to the video in truth, it’s mainly just a very well filmed short documentary about creating printing ink. I’s worth designers and artists taking some time to watch just to understand the process a bit. It sheds a little more light on the work that goes into the ink you use. Available in HD.


Pencils = Art. (But not as you know it.)

David Poppie has a way with colour, and coloured pencils …

An Introduction to the Paintings of Bernard Frize

bernard4From designboom:

The paintings of Bernard Frize use line in abstractions that allow
surprising complexity in terms of colour, facture, width and intersection. They stretch the definition of line.

See more here …

colourful science?

01The Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC) is an international professional society dealing in all aspects of colour. It’s online journal, Colour: Design & Creativity is currently free to access and contains research- and practise-based work in colour and related design fields. Just register on the subscriptions page to read the articles.

These articles could be useful for any arts field. 

Articles include:

  • The Golden Age of Couture (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 22 September 2007 to 6 January 2008)
  • Colour as Idea: The Conceptual Basis for Using Colour in Architecture and Urban Design
  • The Significance of Colour for Room Character
  • Colour in Flux: The Art and Science of Colour
  • Colour in Textiles: Colour and the Environment Since the 1990s