Everyone is influenced by something, whether it’s something in nature, something in the news, or for some a person in particular… This short video from looks at a few people in history and present day who are major influencers in modern culture. One of the main outcomes covers how fashion, music and the creative industry in general are all influenced by the same characters and people, in one way or another.


Stefan Sagmeister: Design and Happiness, 2012 Lecture

If you’re into design and you don’t know the name Stefan Sagmeister, you should. Stefan is one of the partners at the design agency Sagmeister & Walsh in New York, they have done work for clients like The Rolling Stones, Red Bull, .copy Magazine, NYTimes Magazine, Guggenheim Museum and other incredible clients. When he’s not at the agency working or getting involved in design, he often holds talks on design and the creative industry.

In 2012 he held a lecture in Michigan, USA . In this talk he raises the link between design and happiness and how one effects the other. Although the talk appears quite long, the points raised and the comments made are brilliant, and if you are a designer or a creative of any sort, this lecture is a great listen, and very thought provoking.