KiosKiosk: Pop-up Shops

indexKiosKiosk is a pop-up shop initiative from Red or Dead founder Wayne Hemingway. The rent-free kiosk shops are currently booked up for the summer, but check out the website for more info and to discover the philosophy behind them.


eClips: From the Horse’s Mouth

e-clipflashtestFrom EFF website: e-clips is an open-access, searchable database of video clips highlighting experiences and advice from entrepreneurs in a variety of industries, including the fashion industry. Cornell University’s Dr. Deb Streeter developed the original concept: to create a “virtual panel” of experts, to be used to stimulate discussion, illustrate concepts, and create a real-world feel in teaching entrepreneurship.

Check the EFF link for a collection of names to search for fashion related clips. Use the search function on the eClips site to search for clips related to art, design, graphics, business, training, advertising, PR and loads more.