fashion-book provides online portfolios for fashion photographers, hair and make-up artists, agents, illustrators, and stylists. Check out the work of make-up artists such as Jorge Serio and stylists such as Timothy Reukauf.


fashion business basics

business-of-fashion-jThe Business of Fashion website has a set of articles called Basics with loads of advice about setting up your own fashion business, from planning to finance and marketing.

Interview with fashion director of

belinda-portrait_resized_250_tcm12-1925210Belinda White gives a sketch view of how she got into the fashion industry after graduating, and of working at

selling it drexler style

aiyydfjhghf1I couldn’t put it better myself (from The Business of Fashion):

Mickey Drexler is probably the most famous merchandiser in the fashion world. Merchandisers are known for their magical ability to combine art and science, analytics and gut feel, experience and predictive skills.

A half-hour video interview with Mickey Drexler, investigating the magic of merchandising.

Show Details Magazine

Show Details is an Italian fashion magazine with a new angle – close up detail shots of the catwalk fashions we see in whole in many other magazines and websites: models, materials, fabrics, prints, accessories, laces, embroideries, trimmings, cuts, buttons, zippers, applications and all the details in the looks just been on show seen from close up!

At $125 for a two-issue annual subscription, the free-to-use although limited website is a jem. Choose from Man, or Milano, Paris or World Woman and the contents pages provide lush spreads of colour and texture, as well as links to hundreds of designers websites. The Special link for each issue takes you to an interview with a designer: Antonio Marras, Ennio Capasa, Mariella Burani.