Everyone is influenced by something, whether it’s something in nature, something in the news, or for some a person in particular… This short video from looks at a few people in history and present day who are major influencers in modern culture. One of the main outcomes covers how fashion, music and the creative industry in general are all influenced by the same characters and people, in one way or another.


Quirky Characters

Look at these – aren’t they sweet!? all made from gorgeous printed fabrics by a lady called Apolline. She finishes each one by hand in her Studio based in Paris – aaah what a nice life!


Sourced from an online magazine called Selvedge Magazine – great for textile ideas and Interior Design Suggestions.

Handmade Structured Garments

Lamija Suljevic creates these structural garments using old techniques and handmade details inspired by slavic tradition.

Kate Rawlinson: Pattern Cutter Talent

I came accross Kate Rawlinson via Kathleen’s posts on Fashion Incubator. These photos show pieces from Kate’s final collection while studying at London College of Fashion (more at Flickr). Her talent is in cutting and constructing the garments to line up stripes or checks perfectly. Read Kathleen’s original post, then if you fancy a challenge see if you can sketch out the pattern for this dress:



Mina d’Ornano

asgsdfhdCheck out the beautiful craft-art clothing and accessories created by Mina d’Ornano at The interview has some inights into how she finds inspiration and develops it.

Free access to The Entrepreneur’s Guide

freeeKathleen Fasanella of Fashion Incubator has released part of her book Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing online for free. Check it out here to get the inside story of the fashion manufacturing industry.

Seam Classifications

pant_step3aIf you feel like a nerd when it comes to seams, then you might enjoy this too …

Fashion Incubator has put together an entry on seam classifications that were originally drawn up for US military use. You may find them useful in deciding the best seam or finish to use, or to specify to a contractor what you want. There is also a simplified 6-page version with notes on typical use of each seam.