Looking at things a little closer | Macro Kingdom

“The minute is a special place, unseen microcosmos within a unseen universe bind us together. Our creative vision is to continue our conversation with the Macro Kingdom.. an ongoing poem in the tradition of the two previous films.”

A short clip but the potential for a little inspiration is huge.


How Do You Feel (About Art) ?

A quick 1 minute 48 second clip that asks a number of New Yorkers their opinion on art… Sounds simple, but it comes up with some entertaining and vastly different answers when they’re only allowed 3 words.

Just a nice little look at the simple views, from the general public on Art.

Earth | Creative Inspiration

Although not exactly beaming with artistic input this video has been noted recently by various designers as an interesting source of inspiration, whether it’s taken literally or looked into deeper. Filmed from the International Space Station… I( n space… but you got that… ) This clip shows a round the world trip in about 5 minutes. The detailing is incredible and it’s a great watch.

History of the Title Sequence

For those interested in animation or motion graphics and design, this is a great 2 minute clip that gives names of title sequence designers for movies, the presentation and filming is extremely well done, The clip was created by a graduate in 2011 and was made with the intention of vbeing an opening sequence for a documentary . The clip also won an award in 2012 for Vimeo 2012 Motion Graphics.

How Ink is Made

An interesting short clip that features “The Printing Ink Company” who manufacture printing ink in Canada. The company is of little importance to the video in truth, it’s mainly just a very well filmed short documentary about creating printing ink. I’s worth designers and artists taking some time to watch just to understand the process a bit. It sheds a little more light on the work that goes into the ink you use. Available in HD.

Film and Creative Inspiration, Frank Sauer

A short clip for inspiration, the film Director Frank Sauer has done some great clips and for creatives they are a great watch. They include clips for Redbull and Abarth, as well as his own Short Films. The angles, closeups and other methods he use are incredible, a lot of his clips feature well filmed interviews and pauses. He uses a lt of motion in his clips, like dance, free running and sports. I find clips like this are a great source of inspiration if you’re having some down time, or need to take a break from what ever you’re working on.

Stefan Sagmeister: Design and Happiness, 2012 Lecture

If you’re into design and you don’t know the name Stefan Sagmeister, you should. Stefan is one of the partners at the design agency Sagmeister & Walsh in New York, they have done work for clients like The Rolling Stones, Red Bull, .copy Magazine, NYTimes Magazine, Guggenheim Museum and other incredible clients. When he’s not at the agency working or getting involved in design, he often holds talks on design and the creative industry.

In 2012 he held a lecture in Michigan, USA . In this talk he raises the link between design and happiness and how one effects the other. Although the talk appears quite long, the points raised and the comments made are brilliant, and if you are a designer or a creative of any sort, this lecture is a great listen, and very thought provoking.