‘Useless’ art.. and why Luke Syson loves it

TED talk by Luke Syson: ”Useless’ art.. and why he loves it

‘Luke Syson was a curator of Renaissance art, of transcendent paintings of saints and solemn Italian ladies — serious art. And then he changed jobs, and inherited the Met’s collection of ceramics — pretty, frilly, “useless” candlesticks and vases. He didn’t like it. He didn’t get it. Until one day …’

Draws attention to the question of what art is and what it is ‘for’. To explore imagination as well as what we can see?
What makes it mean something and why first impressions aren’t everything.


Kwangho Lee’s Touch Exhibition

Kwangho Lee’s massive oil paintings of cactuses and landscapes forced him to discover new ways to apply the paint to the canvas and in doing so investigates the fundamental act of painting itself.

Over 150 years of art at University of Brighton

imageThe University of Brighton Gallery is holding an exhibition to celebrate the work of artists associated with the university from 1859 to 2009. The displays will include fashion, textiles, 3D, illustration, fine art, architecture, performance art and graphic design by students and staff, past and present.

Over 150 exhibits will be on display including drawings by Turner Prize winners Keith Tyson and work on paper by Antony Gormley; a crystal-mesh couture dress by Julien Macdonald; sculpture by Turner Prize winner, Rachel Whiteread; a self-portrait of Alison Lapper; and prize-winning illustrations by author and illustrator, Emily Gravett.