Sustainability Now Virtual Exhibition


Register to visit the second free virtual exhibition and conference on creating a green built environment.


Solar Vintage: Combining Textiles and Technology


Eelena Ccorchero is a fashion and interaction designer with a fine arts background and specialist knowledge in smart textiles. In this collection she has combined solar technology with whimsyical vintage-looking textiles to produce interactive accessories which appeal to the earth-conscious, high-end fashion market. See more at designboom.

Twitter Your Energy Use

gwergheqrTweet-a-Watt is one of entries to Inhabitat’s Greener Gadgets Competition. It is an open source piece of hardware invented by ladyada, and you can make it yourself to monitor and publish your daily electricity useage to Twitter.

Get green and gloat about it!

carbon footprint labelling

aeroplane_resized_250_tcm12-1912932This short article on the Drapers website drew my attention to the launch of carbon footprint labels for consumables like food and clothing.

A quick seach reveals more articles: carbon foot print labelling in Japan, on Walkers crisps, and by Tesco. The Carbon Trust ( tries to explain further, and you can calculate your carbon footprint. (

seeing really is believing

Chris Jordan is an environmental artist who depicts consumerism and waste statistics through photography. This article on contains a video speech from the Greener Gadgets Conference of Jordan explaining his motivation and techniques for creating these wall-sized images. His work is astounding and the statistics are shocking enough, but seeing the statistics in a visual representation is stomach-churning.