Oooh… ‘Decanter light fittings’ Darling!

Lee Broom’s Decanterlights glow in clusters or individually creating a majestic centrepiece wherever they hang; each light is made from a lead crystal drinks decanter sourced from antique markets and vintage shops:



Quirky Characters

Look at these – aren’t they sweet!? all made from gorgeous printed fabrics by a lady called Apolline. She finishes each one by hand in her Studio based in Paris – aaah what a nice life!


Sourced from an online magazine called Selvedge Magazine – great for textile ideas and Interior Design Suggestions.

Come Up To My Room Exhibition

cu24Come Up To My Room is a showcase of the work of a diverse range of artists and designers, all installed in the rooms of Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel, including hallways and bathrooms. More here, and here, if you want more, you know you want more …

organise your visual research

picture-11Usually I just add blogs to the list on the right, but when I came across this one I thought it deserved a pit more of a plug.

Martha’s background is anthropolgy, art and interior design, and she is clearly a collector and good researcher. The site is essentially her collections of visual research, and it is well organised. She describes her interests as the “design world of homes, the past, art, fashion, gardens, and weddings”.

As well as being a site valuable for research, this is a model for how to organise your own research.