A very short clip looking at an artist in L.A. who has used 400 record sleeves as his canvas in his latest exhibition. He paints over the record sleeves to create quite abstract pieces but also uses the imagery that’s on them already, he says this is to “bring them back to life”.


Magnet Art in Brighton!

Fancy having your work turned into a magnet? 

Brighton Open – ‘An Exhibition of Modern Magnetic Art’ is open for submissions until 1st April

Send up to two images to the link below – they will be exhibiting along Brighton seafront on May 7th!


Kwangho Lee’s Touch Exhibition

Kwangho Lee’s massive oil paintings of cactuses and landscapes forced him to discover new ways to apply the paint to the canvas and in doing so investigates the fundamental act of painting itself.

Flesh Canvas

Alexa Meade uses people as her canvas and photographs them. Sometimes you can’t tell you are looking at a real live person, but some photographs are staged in real surroundings to show you the painterly effect and the reactions of onlookers. Her Flickr page shows work in progress.

Contemporary Old Masters


Alan MacDonald paints old master style with modern additions, and creates a narrative with text which is often pop song lyrics. I can just imagine the double takes if these were hung in a National Trust house.

An Introduction to the Paintings of Bernard Frize

bernard4From designboom:

The paintings of Bernard Frize use line in abstractions that allow
surprising complexity in terms of colour, facture, width and intersection. They stretch the definition of line.

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