Quirky Characters

Look at these – aren’t they sweet!? all made from gorgeous printed fabrics by a lady called Apolline. She finishes each one by hand in her Studio based in Paris – aaah what a nice life!


Sourced from an online magazine called Selvedge Magazine – great for textile ideas and Interior Design Suggestions.


Photos of Antarctic Icebergs


These photographs showing the natural colourations of ice formations caused by algea and freezing conditions were taken by Norwegian sailor Oyvind Tangen while on board a research ship.

wanna programme to make plaid for you? you got it …

fhdfhadh… and here’s my humble effort. I call it blackberry bramble.

I made it with PlaidMaker 0.2. Just add the numbers and hit submit. Tick the mirror boxes to get plaid.

TartanMaker.com produces slightly more sophisticated tartans. Once you’ve registered with the site all you have to do is adjust the sliders and colours and hit Make it.