Andrew Chase captures the essence of his animals in his articulated sculptures, meticulously crafted from old plumbing and car parts and finished with finesse. Chase is a photographer and designer by day. He has created convincing stop-motion animations of his sculptures in motion. He created the robotic creatures for the 50-page picture book Trionic Morphatractable Engineer.


Deconstruction, Reconstruction, Reconstruction

Michael deMeng is an assemblage artist who creates new art from old things, layer upon layer of detail to draw you into a deep dark underworld. I particularly like the Haberdashery range which included jackets and shoes.

Upcycled Packaging to Lights


Anke Weiss has designed these lights by pinpricking around the designs on food and drink packaging to allow light to shine through. These were exhibited at Dutch design week last year.

Swirling Wooden Structures


Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira recycles wood from the streets of Sao Paulo to create his impressive structures, which are being exhibited at the Rice Art Gallery in Houston, Texas in his first solo exhibition.

Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No, It’s a Hostel


A jumbo jet has been repurposed in Sweden into a hostel, saving it from landfill. Some original fixtures remain, like the first class lounge and oxygen masks, and the engine compartments are next to be converted, with the rotor blades to be used as venetian blinds.