fashion-book provides online portfolios for fashion photographers, hair and make-up artists, agents, illustrators, and stylists. Check out the work of make-up artists such as Jorge Serio and stylists such as Timothy Reukauf.


The New Art of Data


10 X 10 is a words and images representation of the news, updated every hour. It’s what the world of technology, media and design are calling ‘The Art of Data’ in the new era of tagging everything we put online – photos, videos, blogs. 

WeFeelFine searches the internet for the phrase “I feel” in the previous hour and represents their emotional message in colours. Then you can rearrange the data by criteria such as age, sex, location, etc. Some phrases are associated with images, which you can save and send, and these are collected in a gallery so you can see what other people rate. It’s interesting to play with, makes me feel a little uncomfortable at seeing the thoughts of others, but the way it works and potential for data use makes it very exciting.


organise your visual research

picture-11Usually I just add blogs to the list on the right, but when I came across this one I thought it deserved a pit more of a plug.

Martha’s background is anthropolgy, art and interior design, and she is clearly a collector and good researcher. The site is essentially her collections of visual research, and it is well organised. She describes her interests as the “design world of homes, the past, art, fashion, gardens, and weddings”.

As well as being a site valuable for research, this is a model for how to organise your own research.

research in ethics of fashion

ethicalA new section on the Fashioning an Ethical Industry website provides reviews of exhibitions that explore ethical issues in fashion. These could be useful for research into issues such as sustainability and human rights in the fashion industry.

Advent calendar from intute

87743436_1a70e577de1The Intute: arts & humanities website is a network of collaborators who specialise in their fields and provide access to the best online resources for education and research.

Last December they launched a very successful advent calendar, which of course begins again today. The first entry is an overview of resources relating to Woody Allen.

LIFE photo archive hosted by google

adrygsad1Google and LIFE magazine have been working on a project to digitise and make freely available almost 10 million images. Many of them were not originally published, so you may not have seen them before.

As the images date from the 1860s, and are available to browse in date order, this could be a valuable resource for visual period research. Each image also has information such as date, photographer and location.  

You can search within the archive in Google images by using “source:life” along with your keywords.

The full article on Original Prop Blog is here.