Soft Sculptures

Harriet Hammel

This Lady creates soft Sculptures of almost anything – her work is showing in ‘Ink-d’ Gallery in Brighton at the moment. It’s worth going to see!


Quirky Characters

Look at these – aren’t they sweet!? all made from gorgeous printed fabrics by a lady called Apolline. She finishes each one by hand in her Studio based in Paris – aaah what a nice life!


Sourced from an online magazine called Selvedge Magazine – great for textile ideas and Interior Design Suggestions.

Carpel Tunnel and Sewing

256This forum thread on Burda Style address the issues of repetitive strain injuries related to the sewing industry, and some reponses contain good advice and exercises for combatting these.

Seam Classifications

pant_step3aIf you feel like a nerd when it comes to seams, then you might enjoy this too …

Fashion Incubator has put together an entry on seam classifications that were originally drawn up for US military use. You may find them useful in deciding the best seam or finish to use, or to specify to a contractor what you want. There is also a simplified 6-page version with notes on typical use of each seam.