Sustainability Now Virtual Exhibition


Register to visit the second free virtual exhibition and conference on creating a green built environment.


A New Guide to Organic Cotton and Ethical Fashion

moral-fibrePesicides Action Network has produced a new guide for fashion students about organic cotton and ethical fashion. Moral Fibre is a collection of interviews with seven pioneers of the ethical evolution in fashion, as well as profiles of nine winners of the Organic by Design grant, the new generation who want to create an ethical and environmentally responsible fashion industry.

Moral Fibre will allow fashion students to gain inspiration and knowledge from those already involved in creating ethical fashion. It is a guide to better understanding how organic cotton suppliers work and learn from the experiences of seasoned designers.

Download the pdf here.

Upcycled Packaging to Lights


Anke Weiss has designed these lights by pinpricking around the designs on food and drink packaging to allow light to shine through. These were exhibited at Dutch design week last year.

Research Into Sustainable Dye Techniques

withdrawIsabella Whitworth is a textile artist who works with dyes. She began looking at the sustainability of her work a couple of years ago. Her website documents some of her research, with good links to further research. Her links page is also extensive and well organised.

research in ethics of fashion

ethicalA new section on the Fashioning an Ethical Industry website provides reviews of exhibitions that explore ethical issues in fashion. These could be useful for research into issues such as sustainability and human rights in the fashion industry.