Soft Sculptures

Harriet Hammel

This Lady creates soft Sculptures of almost anything – her work is showing in ‘Ink-d’ Gallery in Brighton at the moment. It’s worth going to see!


Quirky Characters

Look at these – aren’t they sweet!? all made from gorgeous printed fabrics by a lady called Apolline. She finishes each one by hand in her Studio based in Paris – aaah what a nice life!


Sourced from an online magazine called Selvedge Magazine – great for textile ideas and Interior Design Suggestions.

The Clothes That Could Grow on You


Austrian designer Sonja Bäumel has created clothing that might be if the bacteria that live on our skin could make fibres.

Mina d’Ornano

asgsdfhdCheck out the beautiful craft-art clothing and accessories created by Mina d’Ornano at The interview has some inights into how she finds inspiration and develops it.

Request for Submissions to Online Embroidery Magazine

Needle-CoverThe Hand Embroidery Network are soon to be launching a new online magazine, ‘NEEDLE’. If you have any articles you would like to see in the first issue of NEEDLE please e-mail

Golden Spider Silk Shawl


Spider silk is stonger than steel, weight for weight. British art historian Simon Peers and his American business partner Nicholas Godley collected silk from 1 million golden orb spiders, and spun it and wove it using tradional techniques and designs. The resulting shawl measures 11 by 4 feet, and the colour is entirely natural. More here and here.

Softnews Project: Blow Your Nose on the News?

softnews05Studio Makkink & Bey worked with the Portugese tradition of lover’s handkerchiefs to produce these stitched news stories on handkerchiefs. Check out the whole story on designboom.