What is an FLA

A Flexible Learning Area

The Creative Arts Flexible Learning Areas (FLA) play an integral part in a student’s development on any Creative Arts programme of study at Northbrook College. They are drop in centres that have been set up to support specific areas of study. Northbrook College has created 6 Flexible Learning Areas in the Creative Arts, Fashion and Textiles, Fine Art, Graphic Arts, Media Arts, Music, and Theatre, Art and Design.

The Flexible Learning Areas were introduced to the college in 1993 and have since developed from strength to strength.  Within the faculty they established a model that is now used across college as support for independent learning and research within each specialist area.   The FLA form a bridge between the practical studio/workshop and the library.  Students benefit from a wide range of resources such as cuttings, slides, periodicals and other textual and visual materials as well as electronic based resources which are collated by the FLA assistant in accordance with the curriculum delivery plan. 

Northbrook College provides a rich and diverse experience for its HE and FE students, through excellent facilities, close communities of students, well integrated departments and in the diversity of courses it offers to a wide range of students.





Helen Waddington
Flexible Learning Supervisor: Creative Arts, Northbrook College


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